Fields Of Athenry

Dubliners   H-Dur H-H-H-H-E-Fis-Gis



1.   By a lonely prison wall, / I heard a young girl calling / Michael they have taken you away, / For you stole Trevelyan's corn / So the young might see the morn, / Now a prison ship lies waiting in the bay

Low lie, The Fields of Athenry / where once we watched the small free birds fly / Our love was on the wing / we had dreams and songs to sing, / It's so lonely round the Fields of Athenry

2.   By a lonely prison wall / I heard a young man calling / 'Nothing matters Mary, when you're free' / Against the famine and the crown, / I rebelled, they cut me down / Now you must raise our child with dignity.

Low lie, The Fields of Athenry ...

3.   By a lonely harbour wall / She watched the last star falling / As the prison ship sailed out against the sky / For she lived in hope and pray / For her love in Botany Bay / It's so lonely round the Fields Of Athenry

Low lie, The Fields of Athenry ...

Das Ende der 1970er Jahre entstandene Werk thematisiert die große irische Hungersnot Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts. „Tief liegen die Felder von Athenry“, heißt es in dem traurigen Stück. Es erzählt von einem Mann, der Getreide stiehlt, um seine Familie vor dem Hungertod zu retten, und der deshalb nach Australien deportiert wird. Dort träumt er wehmütig von den „Fields of Athenry.“