Home from the Sea

Celtic Thunder 2011

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1a.   On a cold winter's night, with a storm ' at its height
The lifeboat answered the call
They pitched ' and they zossed, 'til we thought they were lost
As we watched ' from the harbor wall.

1b.   Though the night was pitch black, there was no turning back
For someone ' was waiting out there
And each volunteer ' had to live with his fear
As they joined ' in a silent pray.

Carry us home, home, home from the sea
Angels of mercy, answer our plea---
And carry us home, home, home from the sea
Carry us safely ' home-- from the sea.

2a.   As they battled their way ' past the mouth of the bay
It was blowing ' like never before
As they gallantly fought, every one of them thought
Of loved ones ' back on the shore.

2b.   Then a flicker of light, and they knew they were right
There she was ' on the crest of a wave
She's an old fishing boat, and she's barely afloat
Please God, there are souls ' we can save---

And carry them home, home, home ...

3a.   And back in the town ' on a street that runs down
To the sea ' and the harbor wall.
They gathered in pairs ' at the foot of the stairs
To wait ' for the radio call.

3b.   And just before dawn, when all hope ' was gone
Came a hush ' and a faraway sound
'Twas the coxswain he roared, "All survivors on board!"
Thank God, and we're homeward bound--

Carry us home, home, home from the sea ...

Home, home, home from the sea ...