Keep Hauling
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Stimme (Master)

Andrew Cadie   SC Langen #74



1When_love just_seems so far away / Keep haulin´, keep haulin´
The tide will flood your heart some day. / Keep haulin´ boys.

2When your guiding`star´s in the cloudy skies. / Keep ...
You´ll find your way to bright sunrise. / Keep haulin´ boys.

Keep_ haulin´ho_____ Ouse and raise-, your voice.
Hold your course and don´t let go. Keep haulin´ boys.

3AuftaktIf you gave your best and your heart stayed true. / Keep ...
There´s only_ one thing left to_do. / Keep haulin´ boys.

4If you fought so_hard and you lost your_hold. / Keep ...
Remember fate rewards the hold. / Keep haulin´ boys.

Keep_ haulin´ho_____

5When life keeps hitting you hard me boys, / Keep ...
And your woes just seem to outward your yoys, / Keep haulin´ boys.

6Whatever your ship or wherever your sea, / Keep ...
Whatever your storm or Rocks might be, / Keep haulin´ boys.

Keep_ haulin´ho_____

Keep_ haulin´ho_____